Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P Are Being Left Behind by Google

A few years back in 2010 Google decided to team up with HTC and create Nexus One. This smartphone ended up being the start of the Nexus legacy, something that Google will continue to work on until 2016. The Android parent basically made it a tradition to team with other huge names from the tech world such as Huawei and LG, and to create high-end Android powered smartphone together.

New Path

Sadly, in 2016 the Android parent decided that time has come to pursue its own path and started manufacturing the Pixel lineup. While both Pixel and Pixel XL are two great smartphones, Nexus fans were left to wonder what would happen to them and as everybody soon found out, Google started killing off the Nexus brand in order to make Pixel and Pixel XL more marketable.

The Nexus Brand

To Google’s surprise, the Nexus brand is not that easy to kill off since owners and fans of Nexus smartphones are very loyal and don’t wish to purchase Pixel smartphones instead. This heavily affected Google’s profits, especially in Europe where the Nexus brand had more recognition. Google decided to start investing in a more powerful marketing campaign and managed to grow the popularity of Pixel and Pixel XL. However, the question that remains is what will happen to the Nexus brand?

Grim Future

From the looks of it, the Nexus brand has a grim future ahead of it since Google doesn’t want to create other Nexus smartphones or tablets. Even though Android fans are asking for a new Nexus 6P iteration, Google just doesn’t seem to care about that because it wants people to buy the more expensive Pixel and Pixel XL instead. Therefore, Nexus fans should start getting ready to let go of their favorite devices because Google will surely stop sending out updates to them.

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