New Telescopic Eye Implant Approved by FDA

Well, here comes a not so creepy but helpful eye implant which may very soon be used by many. A couple of days back FDA has approved a new eye implant technology. The VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies’ implantable miniature telescope is intended for patients who are over 75 years of age and who are suffering from end-stage macular degeneration.

Well, this surgery comes with a risk, including the need for a corneal transplant due to the size of this miniature eye implant. According to a report, of clinical testing seventy-five percent of over 200 patients had their vision improved by a considerable amount.

At the moment there are two more studies on the way, one which includes follow up with the existing patients, while the other will benefit 770 new patients with this device. It can currently be done for $15,000.

Source: Engadget

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