MSI to soon enter the SSDs market

The emerging computer hardware manufacturing company MSI is reported to manufacture Solid State Drives (SSDs) adding to their range of computer products. Currently, the leaked information states that the in-process SSDs will run based on SandForce – 2281 processor. The first launch will show us three models RX-60 with 60GB storage capacity, RX-120 with 120 GB and RX-240 having 240GB capacity.

MSI might launch these products in the market in the first week if October but the pricing of the same is not yet confirmed. These SSDs will provide the bandwidth of 6GB per second and is expected to compete with most of the SSD manufacturing brands globally.

MSI is usually known to manufacture notebooks, desktops, motherboards and graphic cards which are relatively cost –friendly. We can assume that even these SSDs will cost relatively cheaper than most of the products already out in the market.

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