Finally, my favorite web browser is slowly making its way to various devices. We have heard that the Mozilla Firefox is on its way to the iPhone as it has been submitted for review. It is entering the mobile market late than most of the others and I think it still has the potential to reach maximum number of devices.

After two months of a brilliant beta, Mozilla has finished its first full mobile browser for Maemo. It has reached the device before Android and even iPhone. Although, it does not have any unique features yet this is what Firefox for Maemo has to offer;

  • Portrait Browsing
  • Easily convert webpages to PDF
  • Auto-Update Add-Ons

So, if you have a Nokia N900, you may probably do your device a lot of good by getting the most famous Mozilla Firefox installed right now.

Source: Engadget

Check out the link for more on Firefox for Maemo

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