Motorola DROID 3 Spotted On Verizon’s Website

We are yet to get a detailed look at the upcoming Android smartphone from Motorola. This new Motorola Android smartphone we are referring too, is none other than the DROID 3 which is was previously revealed by the guys at Droid-Life. The device is expected to launch on July 7 and would be followed by a mass rollout as a Verizon exclusive starting July 14.

Apparently, the device would be powered by a dual-core processor, dual cameras with the rear one including 1080p HD video recording, five-row QWERTY keypad, 16GB internal memory, HDMI mirroring, no LTE support and will come without the latest version of Motorola’s BLUR UI.

This would be a bootloader locked device, and we honestly think Motorola should get rid of this in upcoming devices. According to the report on Droid-Life the guys suggest that the device will be priced at around $199 with a two year contract.

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