Microsoft will Pay for Developing Windows Phone 7 Apps

Microsoft seems to have a nice plan to catch up with the Apple App Store and the rapidly increasing Google Android Market. The company will be paying developers to develop programs for it upcoming Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

A report on Business Week indicates that Microsoft is offering free tools, phones and revenue guarantees to make sure that its Windows Marketplace for Mobile has a lot of interesting an useful apps when the first Windows Phone 7 based smartphone launches this fall. This really seems to be a very desperate move from Microsoft which shows how eager they are to be playing a role in the rapidly increasing mobile phone market. Microsoft has missed a very important cycle in smartphones and after that the Kin has a huge flop and it stayed for a ridiculously short time. Anyways, I am glad that Microsoft is doing this as it many developers would be interested and it also shows that Microsoft is really serious about making Windows phone 7 a huge success.

Mobile apps have been revolutionary and I am pretty sure that they are the future of computing, also there is no doubt that it includes the mobile web and various web related applications. The iPohne is currently leading with over 200,000 applications available in the AppStore and it is followed by Google Android which is now growing with almost over 100,000 applications available in the Android Market. To compete with these numbers soon after the launch will be really difficult for Microsoft and I think that such a move will just help them reach it with much pace.

Well, we have recently heard that the beta is out and Microsoft has also started shipping out the devices. On the other hand Microsoft also plans to offer similar service like Apple’s MobileMe and it will be called Windows Phone Live. Well we are yet to see what kind of applications the Windows Phone 7 would feature but we will let you known as soon as we get some news on it.

We also know that developers will be using XNA, Silverlight and various other tools to create applications for the new platform. However, there have been rumblings that the APIs are not that great and may require a lot of improvements as the platform grows.

Source: Business Week

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