Microsoft reveals Windows 8 Pro upgrade will cost $39.99

Microsoft recently announced that all computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 will be eligible for a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $39.99. The upgrade will be available across 131 countries and the upgrade will also be bundled with Microsoft’s Media Center.

This is new from Microsoft especially because all the previous Windows upgrades had an expensive price tag. However, Apple recently started sending OS update for Mac OS X Lion for just $29.99 while the Mountain Lion update will cost even lesser at just $19.99. Microsoft definitely has taken some inspiration from that.

Further it would be much easier to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from the Window 8 consumer version. Users will be able to retain all their files and settings even after the complete update to Windows 8. Microsoft will also sell an additional back-up disk which will cost $15.

If you do not have a robust internet connection or just prefer not to download the update you will be able to get the Window 8 Pro upgrade in a DVD which will cost you $69.99, which is still affordable if compared to past upgrade costs. However, Microsoft has mentioned that this is a promotional offer which will be valid till January 31, 2013.

This obviously will not be applicable for those who are currently running a non-genuine Window version. Also, those who purchase a Windows 7-based PC after June 2, 2012 will be eligible for a Windows 8 Pro update for just Rs. 699.

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