Mac Pro Unavailable a Refresh maybe Coming Soon?

New rumors have surfaced suggesting that the Mac Pro is all ready to get a refresh very soon. The news comes along as the online Apple Store is out of stock on Mac Pro’s and it hints that Apple may soon get some changes done and then get it back online.

Anyways, there are no official confirmations and no one knows what the refresh will hold or even when the new Mac Pros will be available. According to Mac Rumors’, the Mac Pro gets a refresh after every 236 day while it has been 507 days since the last refresh so many speculated that a refresh is really close by.

This is surely exciting for Mac users as the refresh is rumored to bring in the Core i7 processor to the Mac Pro along with some new powerful GPU’s and the latest USB 3.0 and FireWire ports for making it a totally up to date workstation. Other rumors also suggest that it may have a full touchscreen display and some of the features of the iOS.

All this sounds really exciting, but let us wait for some official news.

Source: CrunchGear

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