LG coming out with an Android Tablet in Q4 2010

Here comes another company which also working on an Android tablet. We have heard that LG is already working on a Windows 7 based tablet but it looks like they increasing need for Android has got the company interested in this brilliant operating system.

At the moment, I consider LG to be far behind Samsung which has already introduced some brilliant Android smartphones and also revealed plans of Android-based tablets by the end of 2010. I have never been much impressed by Samsung or even LG and their Android device. While I do agree that they have some powerful specifications they seem to lack something which HTC and Motorola has to offer.

LG is also planning a new version of its SU950 smartphone also known as the Optimus Z and it will come with Android 2.2 Froyo.  Current users will also get an upgrade to Froyo and it is planned in the fourth quarter. Well, this looks like LG is trying to battle Samsung by doing something which Samsung is already about to get done and if they want to get ahead of such a strong rival they need to do something more interesting.

Source: Engadget

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