iPad Pro Receives Improvements as a Courtesy of iOS 11

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and the reason behind this is that Apple puts a high price on user experience. The Cupertino based tech giant uses its own operating system and this is what truly makes Apple products so special. In order to be able to compete with Android, Apple keeps on updating iOS on a monthly basis with innovative features and performance tweaks.

The latest major update from Apple is iOS 11 and it brings iPad Pro to a whole other level. iPad Pro is one of Apple’s bestselling products and that’s only because it offers a perfect mix of computational ability and portability. The impressive hardware power that iPad Pro offers makes it a great device for people who enjoy working on the go. Nonetheless, iOS 11 is here and today we’re going to go over the biggest changes that iPad Pro owners will be able to benefit from.


One of the best things about purchasing an iPad Pro is that it comes bundled with an Apple Pencil and iOS 11 contains a great feature for it. Apple Pencils will be able to unlock tablets and pop up the Note app straight away and the only thing that the owner has to do is to tap the screen with it. In addition, Apple Pencil’s latency is now reduced to only 20 milliseconds.

Word Shortcuts

The only way to improve your work rate is to start using shortcuts and Apple knows that too well. Every iOS app has its own shortcuts but Apple has finally decided to bring the tablet version of Word up to par with the PC one. The way in which Apple is doing this is by adding the following shortcuts.

  • Command + X = Cut
  • Command + B = Bold Text
  • Command + Z = Undo Previous Action

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