Hitman Upgrade Pack Steam CD Key – Transform in a classy and silent assassin

You’ve surely seen movies about silent assassins that do their job without people even knowing they were ever there. Related to subjects such as international espionage, conspiracy and taking out high priority targets, a hitman is pretty much the most effective killing tool. With Hitman, the 2016 game from the series with the same name, you get to step in the shoes of Agent 47, a genetically engineered hitman, a gun for hire.

The game lets players enter a world full of very important people and contractors that want to see them gone. Sure, there are a lot of games out there that tell you to kill someone. You dispose of your targets and then you move on, until you beat the game. However, with Hitman it’s very different. The game is unique in how it lets you go about killing your target. To be more precise, you can go almost any way you like about completing your mission, and that’s the beauty of Hitman.

Use the environment to your advantage

The game isn’t just about the people you need to take out, but also about the environments in which your missions take place. In the latest game in the series you get to visit some of the most visually stunning places on Earth. You travel across the globe and visit many countries and every time the reason for your traveling is a job.

These environments have a deeper purpose than just eye candy however. Each one is different in the sense that it offers different opportunities for taking out a target. An elite club or high player party will be completely different from a movie studio and filming spot. Different objects and different kinds of people will be on the scene, giving you different ways in which you can take out your target. Whether you want to rig filming equipment so that it results in an “accident” or want to get up close and personal and hit your target on the head with the most expensive bottle in the bar, it’s completely up to you.

It was an accident

As mentioned before, a true hitman goes in and out without anyone even realizing that they were ever there. Players must hold true to that mentality and make sure that people never suspect there was foul play involved in the demise of the target. You can move bodies and set up the perfect scene so that it looked like an accident or you can make it so they never see the target ever again.

It’s episodic

Unlike the previous installments, the 2016 version of Hitman is split in multiple episodes. This received some backlash from the community because for some it breaks the immersion but it can be kind of neat when you think about the fact that you can buy the game gradually instead of putting down the whole amount.

You can play the prologue and first episode and then pay for the other 5 episodes available in Season 1. When new episodes come out, you can just buy those for a reduced price instead of having yo play for a full game again.

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