Some Google Pixel Are Not Getting the July 2017 Patch

The new July 2017 security patch for Google Pixel devices has just started rolling out. As any other good and reliable security patch, this one also aims to fix a lot of bugs and oddities for the devices it targets. However, there seems to be a great issue at hand with it, namely the fact that some Google Pixel smartphones are just not getting it. Well, they theoretically are, but something goes wrong when their owners try to install it.

Google Pixel’s Many Problems

This is not the first time that the Google Pixel smartphone has experienced such hiccups. This issue, in particular, is one we never saw coming, especially when one considers that both Android and Google Pixel are owned and developed by the same company: Google. However, the Google Pixel seems simply cursed. This is more than obvious when one considers the other devices in the same line, such as the Google Pixel XL, haven’t had this sort of problem with the July 2017 patch.

The Current Problem

This current problem we’re discussing today has to do with how that some Google Pixel devices are responding to the over the air rolling out of the security patch. Select Google Pixel smartphones display a ‘Could not update’ error message if there is an attempt at installing the update when it reaches the device. The only option that the owner has at this point is to tap on the ‘Try again’ button, but when doing so the same message is displayed shortly after in some sort of twisted vicious circle.

Google have stated that it is working hard to fix this issue. It’s admirable that their developers are so diligent, but we’re getting tired of seeing the Pixel hiccup so much and so often.

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