For Honor Players are Set to Receive Dedicated Servers

For Honor is a great title from Ubisoft that gives players the chance to experience what medieval combat feels like. The game is set in a multiplayer environment and it offers players the option to play in a 4v4 team mode or in a duel arena. However, while this game might sound great on paper there is a huge downside to it, it doesn’t have any dedicated servers but fortunately that’s about to change.

Online Issues

Taking in consideration the fact that For Honor is an online multiplayer game, people get really frustrated when they get disconnected in the middle of a fight. This can be really annoying for players who enjoy competing in ranked tournaments and who care about their place on the rank ladder. The gaming community flooded Ubisoft’s forums with complaints and the game producer had no option than to finally start working on dedicated servers.

Two Seasonal Updates

Ubisoft announced that For Honor players should be enthusiastic to know that two seasonal updates are scheduled to come their way. The first one will arrive in August and the second one in November. Both of them will include new maps, gear variations, heroes and a lot of other cool features.

Dedicated Server Infrastructure

The thing that really matters to For Honor players is when will they finally get a dedicated server infrastructure and sadly, Ubisoft didn’t announce the exact date and instead said that these dedicated servers will arrive “further down the road”. Even though players might not know when Ubisoft’s dedicated servers will be ready, at least they know that Ubisoft heard their complaints and that its doing something about it.

Balance Changes

Another important thing that’s going to be included in these two upcoming seasonal patches are balance changes. In order to make the game more competitive and fair, Ubisoft announced that it will take a closer look at For Honor’s powerful classes and try to make them more balanced.

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