Final Fantasy 15 New Update Comes With Bug Fixes

The science fiction slash fantasy game franchise known as Final Fantasy is at its fifteenth installment so far. The beloved game, which was developed and is currently owned by Square Enix, first launched in 1987 and has come a long way since then. In its thirty years of existence, the Final Fantasy media franchise managed to gather an incredible fan base. And now, Final Fantasy XV is getting a brand new update. Let’s have a look and see what it brings.

What’s New

The update comes with build number 1.12, and it is quite hefty in size, clocking in at a whopping total of 8.65GB. However, good things come to those brave enough to install it, so here’s what it brings new to the table:

  • Bug fixes, of course
  • Compatibility with Episode Prompto, the future DLC that will launch soon
  • Music player now has various OST pieces from Episode Prompto
  • Regalia Type-D off road customization, which is available for the Hammerhead

So, to recap, the new 1.12 Final Fantasy XV update optimizes the game for the future Epsiode Prompto expansion, but also introduces off-road driving.

About Episode Prompto

Episode Prompto is yet another typical Final Fantasy XV expansion chapter, and it revolves around a member of the entourage of Notcis called Prompto. Prompto is separated from his group in the arctic, and has to make his way through the hostile environment. However, the gameplay for this DLC is different than that of the original game, featuring third-person shooters and also segments that unfold on a snowmobile. This is made obvious by the expansion trailer, which you can watch below:

Other than that, we can’t say much more as of now. We will have to wait for the new DLC chapter to see what’s up.

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