Facebook Finally Offers Video Chat Options

Facebook has recently announced they will integrate a video-chat module in their social network. The app has been developed in collaboration with Skype and can be downloaded starting from today.

In order to make a video call, users no longer need to have a Skype account. All they need to do is install the plug-in and activate it.

The plug-in can be downloaded directly from Facebook when users attempt to make a video call and the app does not detect the plug-in, or they can simply download it from various websites.

When Facebook users select a person from their list of friends, they will notice that an icon for video calls appears in the chat box.

And if their friends are not available, users can leave them an offline video message. There is also a demo available on the internet about Facebook’s new video chat feature.

It appears that Facebook has taken the decision to integrate video chat capabilities in its network following the harsh competition against Google. The search giant has launched its own video call module long before Facebook, and many have said that the social networking site’s video chat feature is has come as a response to the Google+ network.

Google+ is still in the testing stage and users can access the service via special invitations only. Despite the current limitation, the module has already thrilled many internet users.

Facebook has lost many users in recent weeks and maybe this video chat feature is what the company needs to convince users not to cancel their accounts.

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