Facebook Brings Auto Face Tagging to its Users

Facebook is all ready to make your life easier. The tedious task of tagging your friends in all thos images just got much simpler with the introduction of auto face detection which is now possible on the best social networking platform.

This face detection technology on Facebook is quite similar to what we have on digital cameras since quite some time, as a little box will be selected around any faces which the software distinguishes. Facebook will now present to you a number of selections from your albums and ask you; “Whose face is this?” all you have to do is type that person’s name in the box below and it will automatically tag that friend of yours an let their network know about it.

Facebook has also mentioned this ne simplified photo tagging is just another feature to a series of improvements they are making to their photo services. Well, it looks like Facebook is all set to work on a lot of improvements as if the recent Google Me rumors turn out to be true, Facebook has a massive threat.

Source: Facebook Blog

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