You might think that if you’re planning to create an App to compete in an already-heaving market place, all that matters is how good your software developing skills are – and though this is an important element, it’s certainly not the be all and end all. Before you get anywhere near software development, there are some crucial steps in the conception stage you must consider first. There are so many apps available on both IOS and Android smart phones. Many businesses have started releasing apps for their customers.

What’s the big idea?

Don’t think it has to be a big idea – some of the most successful Apps, such as OMGPOP’s Draw Something, catch tiny volitions in their audience, and turn them into massive money-spinners. If you can identify a real problem, and solve with an App, magic; but if you’re better at predicting what will make your friends laugh, or knowing how to turn football stats into interesting conversation, then don’t kill yourself trying to reinvent the wheel.

Do the public agree?

All inventions, and their inventors, suffer the same problem of becoming so consumed by the product, that they lose sight of its ultimate purpose: to be bought by the public. Make sure you test it on different mobile devices to ensure fully usability, you can find some phones over at phones4u. Market research is very important in App development, as a good App has a lot of interactivity, and testing and retesting it on real people will let you know what’s working, and more importantly, what you’re missing. This isn’t the 1920s anymore, when people told Henry Ford they needed a faster horse; the public are so tech-savvy that it would be foolish not to bring them in as outside consultants.

What’s the competition?

While, one would hope, your new App idea is a good one because it does something other Apps don’t, you need to make sure you’ve assessed what you’re up against. This will ensure that elements of other Apps don’t crossover with the functions of yours, which can not only cause copyright-infringement headaches, but lead to sales that should be yours being cannibalized by inferior products.

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