Could We Get a Mint Gold OnePlus 5?

The OnePlus 5 model has been announced a few days ago in two color options. However, it seems that we might even get a third option. According to the company release, they will be bringing the 6 and 8 GB options for the OnePlus 5. The 6 GB version is available in the Slate Gray color and the 8 GB one in Midnight Black. Apparently, we will also get the Mint Gold color too, since it was placed on the most recent TENAA listing. TENAA is the Chinese equivalent for FCC, and they have released the listing quite a while ago, before the release of the phone.

No Surprise

In fact, releasing a new color option for a device is not that much of a surprise with the OnePlus. The company had the same strategy in the past too. However, we still don’t know whether the new color version will be dedicated to the 6 or the 8 GB options. We don’t know when will the third color version be launched either, but most likely OnePlus will not announce it as soon as we’d want them to. Chances are they will make the official announcement in a couple of months.

Even so, the OnePlus 5 is one of the fastest selling smartphones made by the company, and it’s not even available for sale yet! The company allowed their users to buy the device if they had a special code that has been shared during the launch of the device. However, if you don’t have this particular code, you need to wait until June 27th in order to buy a device, just like everybody else. June 27 is the date when both the device options will become available, in case you are planning to buy one of them.

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