Bangalore Startup EAFT Unveils Marathon Tablet

Tablets are indeed a hot thing in the Indian market. The Apple iPad 2 is already doing great while there are various options available in the Android flavour too. We have already heard that a few local manufacturer are trying to enter the market. But this is about another startup called EAFT Technologies, short for Everything At Finger Tips.

EAFT has unveiled its new product called Marathon which is promises great web and multimedia experience and also includes a unique, first of its kind 3D user interface.

The Marathon is a 10.1-inch tablet device and runs Android 2.2 FroYo. It is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, supports Flash 10.1, supports 1080p HD video playback, USB ports and a HDMI port.

We are quite excited to check out the Marathon tablet. It has been priced at 26,990 INR.

4 thoughts on “Bangalore Startup EAFT Unveils Marathon Tablet”

  1. 27000+ is a ridiculous price to pay for an unbranded product by a startup. As usual they are from bangalore, they are over ambitious and they are greedy!

  2. 27,000 rupees. You are kidding, right?. There are plenty of tablets from the reputed manufactures including (IPad 2) around that price range. Why would I buy this one? That too Android Froyo 2.2? Not even the HoneyComb? 

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