ASUS MARS II seems to be the World’s Most Powerful Graphics Card

The guys over at SlashGear got their hands on a really powerful thing for gamers. A source over at ASUS sent them a picture of a PCB board for the ASUS MARS II. The ASUS MARS, an earlier version of this card which came out last year featured dual GTX 285 chips on a single card and had 4GB of VRAM, now ASUS is interested to continue this with a new Fermi-enabled card.

The leaked images clearly show two NVIDIA GF100 chips on a single card. The source also mentioned that these chips will be the equivalent to two GTX 480 cards. This would apparently be taking a lot of power and ASUS may have to do something about it before it is made available. Similar to the previous ASUS MARS this will be an internal SLI connecting two cards, so considering the facts you would supposedly be supported by two GTX 480 cards in SLI. It looks like each GPU will have its own dedicated VRAM which will be somewhere around 4GB just like the previous model.

The power required to runs this powerful hardware is yet unknown but a closer looks at the image unveils that it has three 8-pin PCI power plugs on the board, so if you do not have the most powerful power supply you may have to get a new one to support this powerful card. Also, ASUS may end up selling it in limited quantity just like the first MARS. Considering the ouptu of the GF100 chips it looks like the MARS II may easily surpass the performance of the recently announced ASUS ARES which has dual Radeon HD 5870 on a single PCB.

Source: SlashGear

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