Apple Increases App Prices in UK

If you are about to purchase a new app from the App Store in the UK, then here is an interesting bit of news. The apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad just got slightly more expensive, as Apple has announced new prices for the UK Apple App Store.

The cheapest app which were earlier priced at 59p will now sell for 69p. It is not just the entry level apps which have got a price hike. Get the new update Apple App Store UK update pricing below.

59p is now 69p
£1.19 now £1.49
£1.79 now £1.99
£2.39 now £2.49
£2.99 still £2.99
£3.49 now £3.99
£3.99 now £4.99
£4.99 now £5.49
£5.49 now £5.99
£5.99 now £6.99
£6.99 now £7.99
£7.49 now £8.99
£8.99 now £10.49
£9.49 now £10.99

Well, let us know what you think about this price hike.


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