A New Microsoft Patent Reveals a New Dual-Screen Phone

A new Microsoft patent has revealed details about a new dual-screen phone, which may revolutionize the smartphone market, The Next Web informs.

Even if there is a small shot for Redmond to launch this device on the market, that doesn’t mean that the idea itself is not interesting or that a similar concept couldn’t come from an important phone producer.

The striking thing about this phone is that it is designed so that it can be disjoined in two different parts: one part to which you can talk while managing other operations with the other part.

This new patent recalls one of Microsoft’s most ambitious projects, Courier, which caused so much enthusiasm when revealed for the first time in a leak.

In may, when the company has decided to shut down the laboratory where Courier was created, the public showed disappointment. Maybe through this new patent, Microsoft aims to bring back the enthusiasm aroused by Courier.

One has to wonder, though, what good a dual screen phone, after all? I am still reluctant to having two monitors for my computer, albeit I’d really need it.

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