5 OEMs Onboard with Gobi, Qualcomm

Five of the leading OEMs have now agreed to make Gobi based products and Qualcomm semms to really happy about it. The Gobi technology is the work of Qualcomm and it will enable modems to connect to 3G and 4G (LTE) networks.

At the moment, big names like Novatel, Option, Huawei, ZTE and Sierra Wireless will be working on Gobi and they will be making embedded modules as well as USB modems using the latest Gobi MDM chipset with the new Gobi API.

In addition in getting brilliant deals with major OEMs, Qualcomm is also getting support from leading mobile network operators and this technology is now considered as a flagship solution for transparent wireless connectivity.

We may very soon see some dual-mode enabled laptops and USB modems as soon as the LTE networks are available at a much wider scale.

Source: Cellular-News

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