The Golf Club to Get Released in AUGUST for Xbox One, PS4?

A while ago we reported that The Golf Club was said to launch in July, but after that, we’ve been contacted by an official representative of the game, asking us to change the release date to “this summer”.

The Golf Club is going to be one of the best golf game ever made and that’s why Xbox One and PS4 owners are so anxious and looking forward to its release.

When the PR team contacted us, they asked to change the date from July to summer, but there are two more days left from the month of July, so is it possible that the game will be released in August for PS4 and Xbox One owners?

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Recently, on its official Twitter account, the representatives of The Golf Club replied to someone who asked whether the game will be launching tomorrow:

“No, Mike.  It will be soon (no official release date yet), but not tomorrow.”

In a previous tweet, HB Studios also said that the game has already been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for approval, which means it is in the last step before release. Once it hit shelves, it will be available for PS4 and Xbox One users in North America, European Union, Australia and with more regions to be confirmed as the release date nears.

As for the price, HB Studios didn’t discloses it, but hinted the following:

“The game is $34.99 on Steam Early access, if that gives you an idea.”

So, this means it shouldn’t be priced higher than $50, but nothing’s sure at the moment. The official page of the game also says “available soon on PS4, Xbox One”, but I’m not sure when exactly it has been updated to reflect that.

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One thought on “The Golf Club to Get Released in AUGUST for Xbox One, PS4?”

  1. Pass anyway. It will be 14.99 by November, GUARANTEE!
    There are so many awesome things coming PS4’s way that buying
    any titles NEW is a waste. I am dying for DRIVE CLUB and I might even wait until
    after the holidays and I see it dropping to 34.99 from 64.99!

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