Gmail App for Android, iPhone and iPad Users Gets MANY New Features

Gmail needs no introduction as it’s being used by millions of users across the world, both on desktop and mobile environments.

Recently, the official Gmail app for Android user has been update with a bunch of new features that you should know about. Many of these features have been issued for iPhone and iPad users, as well.

First of, it’s now possible to insert Google Drive files directly into your messages. The app also comes with an improved autocomplete function. So, you will just start typing in the To, Cc or Bcc field and you’ll now get better suggestions, faster.

The Gmail app also comes with an improved formatting support when restoring saved drafts. Besides this, other ongoing bug fixes and reliability improvements have been issued for Android 4.0+ users, as well.

Overall, the users are pretty pleased with it. Here’s what Charlie Warren has been saying:

“Great Email Does what you want Email to including Share or Voice to Text Recognition. Remembers most Frequent Recipients and Suggest them for you as you Type in the First Few Characters, and that’s an Awesome Plus~!”

Gmail was also improved for iPhone and iPad users, as well, bringing the same ability to save attachments directly to Google Drive so you can access them anywhere while saving space and bandwidth on your device.

It also comes with new account management options to choose which accounts you want to have visible in Gmail without removing accounts from your device. Also it’s possible to change your profile picture in the Settings.

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