iTunes 12 Update: FIVE New Big Features to Get Ready for

Past week, Apple unveiled the redesigned iTunes 12, showcasing the new features and changes that will be a part of the new and improved iTunes 12. After running an observant eye over the changes, one is bound to exclaim that it is a marked improvement over its predecessor. 

iTunes 12, which is slated to release this fall along with OS X Yosemite, has been dubbed by Apple to be sporting an “elegant new design.” Let’s dissect the skin and the flesh of the “elegant new design” to see if it’s really that elegant.

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Easy access to iTunes account


The sign-in button for iTunes has been shifted to the top right-hand side of the screen. After log-in, the button morphs into a pull-down menu with tabs for account information, launching of wish list and redeeming a code. This tiny change to the log-in button makes the overall view of iTunes 12 less disheveled, unkempt and sloppy.

Reorganized Navigation Bar


Apple has changed the Navigation Bar by placing separate buttons for TV shows, Music, Apps and Movies, and other less important buttons have been integrated into the “more content” menu. This change is also quite convenient as it caters to what people really wish for inside their hearts while using iTunes.

Separate iBookstore


In the beta version of iTunes 12, the iBookstore has been made a separate Mac app, which means that books will now be purchased separately through the separate iBookstore app. However, the iTunes Store continues to offer audiobooks.

This separation of iBookstore and iTunes Store is an intelligent move on Apple’s part, and we hope that this change paves the way for further separation or fragmentation of iTunes into something that is more specific for each unique entity.

No main iTunes Store page


In iTunes 12, the main iTunes Store page has been replaced by a default Music Page. The main iTunes Store page used to accentuate different types of media. I believe, the removal of the iTunes Store page gives iTunes 12 a bland appearance, and I guess the change will be reversed by the time iTunes 12 is released this fall.

Easy switch between iTunes Store and local library


Switching between the iTunes Store and local library is now done with a list of options, instead of using a toggle to switch. The list of options is placed under the  “Apps section” and the list consists of “My iPhone apps,” “My iPad apps,” “List,” “Updates” and “iTunes Store.”

All in all, iTunes 12 is an amenable improvement which is sure to please Apple aficionados. The tiny changes made here and there have produced a result that embodies freshness and novelty.

Stay with us, as we will keep including new changes as we will get to know along the way.

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