All you Need to Know on Nvidia’s Shield Tablet: Specs, Price, Release Date

If we observe the tech world at present, we can safely conclude that some products have matured while others are undergoing experimentation. For instance, smartphones have nearly exhausted their innovation bubble and are on a steady path intermixed with new features and improvements.

However, tablets are subject to changes and experiments of various kinds. If we compare tablets and smartphones, all smartphones, however different, are geared to serve almost the same purposes across the board. Tablets, on the other hand, are made for gaming or to fulfill other purposes.

Nvidia, the GPU manufacturing giant, has come up with Nvidia Shield Tablet, the successor to the original Nvidia Shield, the game focused tablet it released back in July last year. The Nvidia Shield Tablet is to be released on 29 July 2014 carrying an initial price tag of $299.

The Shield Tablet is a monster of a gaming tablet with immeasurable power imbued with Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 mobile processor. The Shield Tablet comes with a wireless controller, called Shield Controller, unlike its predecessor.

Note: You will have to purchase Shield Controller separately. It is worth remarking that there are marked improvements in the Shield Tablet.

The Shield Tablet has an 8 inch 1920 x 1200 HD resolution screen, a prop accessory for placing the Tablet upright and 2 front speakers. The Shield Controller employs wi-fi for connectivity, and later on an LTE version will be released. At present, there are 2 versions of Shield Tablet: 16 GB for $299, and 32 GB for $399, with both offering expandable memory up to 128 GB via MicroSD.

The Shield Tablet is said to outperform all its rivals, such as iPad, in gaming and other functions because, according to Nvidia, the Tegra K1 supports the same technologies supported by GeForce Titan desktop card while consuming only a fraction of its monstrous power.

In the face of leading the race of making revolutionary gaming-focused tablets, Nvidia could pioneer tablets that could enable people to play online multiplayer games. This expertise could come in part of the Shield Controller’s wireless connectivity to a headset that will be used for chatting during multi-player gameplay.

The Shield Tablet also sports a redesigned built-in Stylus that is said to be far more responsive than that in the Nvidia Portable. The redesigned Stylus, called DirectStylus 2, also features GPU associated painting. Moreover, Shield Tablet can render extremely defined photos with its 5 megapixel front camera, play 1080p HD videos and those up to 4K resolution. It can also stream videos  from Twitch, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Furthermore, Nvidia is also the first company which has introduced support for streaming games which is further spiced up with the 5 megapixel front camera. Also, gaming on the Shield Tablet is integrated with ShadowPlay, Nvidia’s custom tool for capturing game footage and sharing with other owners of Nvidia’s devices.

Moreover, the Shield Tablet will support almost all the features and technology introduced in Nvidia Portable last year, such as GameStream, Nvidia Grid and Console Mode. The Shield Tablet is an epitome of a gaming device as it supports 4 controllers (including the Shield Controller and any controller that works with Android devices). The Shield Tablet sports a built in mic and and voice control function similar to those in Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Furthermore, the Shield Tablet will come with pre-installed several apps and games such as “Trine2: Complete Story.” The arrival of Shield Tablet does not imply that Nvidia will abandon the Shield Portable. No, no, no. The Shield Portable will get a new update on the same day the Shield Tablet will be released that will feature support for Shield Controller, better apps and improved controls.

To get your hands on Shield Tablet, people will have to take out $299 for 16GB Shield Tablet, $59 for 1 Shield Controller and $39 for the Shield Tablet Cover which functions as a back-stand. All in all, the Shield Tablet is a magnificent piece of technology; a device that embodies the state-of-the-art elegance of gaming and technology.

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