Microsoft’s Smartwatch: Discussing the Most REALISTIC Patents and Leaks

Just like Apple and Samsung have endeavored to give another heavily-used product in our life the word “smart,” Microsoft too has taken the initiative. According to reports, Microsoft is going full-on forward with its plans to make smart-watches which could be launched before the end of the year.

In addition to the traditional “smart” nature of the smartwatch, Microsoft has planned to introduce embedded sensors for UV rays and blood-glucose levels. The UV index sensors would be designed in such a way that every time the wearer is exposed to levels of sunlight that are deemed conducive to Skin Cancer, the sensors will warn the wearer.

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Moreover, the embedded blood-glucose monitor will be most helpful for diabetic wearers and those who want to track their fitness activities.

Microsoft has been pretty tight-lipped around this project, but rumors have swirled around that Microsoft is quite determined to introduce its smartwatch before the end of this year so that it can at least be in the game with Apple, Samsung and other hotshots.

Furthermore, it is rumored that Microsoft will likely offer cross-platform compatibility with non-Microsoft/Windows devices with the smart-watch working with Android and iOS devices as well. This move seems to be a clever move on Microsoft’s part as it will be tempting for people to grab something that can interact with almost every OS in the market.

It is also rumored that the smart-watch will not be a traditional smart-watch, but rather much like a wristband with the display on the underside of the wrist. The logic believed to be is that Microsoft believes that the “turning of the hand and the having to look on the underside” would give the smart-watch an enhanced natural look.

More sources have also also revealed that Microsoft is working on coming up with a touch-screen smart-watch that will run on a special form of Windows with the smart-watch being able to properly display and interact with smartphone notifications.

The price tag carried by the smart-watch is believed by industry insiders to be somewhere around $250. We, however, believe that it will be more than $250 because a smart-watch capable of protecting its wearers against skin cancer and reading blood-glucose levels combined with more novel features is going to fetch more than $250.

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