BBM for Windows Phone Gets Updated, Beta State Completely FILLED

Blackberry has released a new update for all the beta testers of its Windows Phone version of BlackBerry Messenger. The update features mainly bug fixes and minor improvements.

Remember BBM, which was exclusive to Blackberry smartphones oh not-so-long-ago? It recently tried to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, iMessage etc, and was successful when it launched for the iPhone and Android late last year, but we unfortunately didn’t see a Windows Phone version of the app.

That changed a little while ago, when BBM entered a closed beta state for Windows Phone. A new update for the app is now available to download for beta testers, which is the first update since the beta went live.

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The version number only changed slightly from to, and no official change log was released at the time of the update. Later though, BlackBerry surprisingly chose to share the change log with beta testers, which we’ve embedded below.

The official change log for update BBM Beta is as below. Here’s exactly what’s been fixed in the update:

  • BBM takes too long to open
  • Takes too long to switch from old device to a new one
  • Cannot send email invites. the invites go into inbox as emails
  • Device global language settings don’t appear to be changing all of the text within the BBM app
  • WiFi Out of Coverage Windows Phone doesn’t send queued invites/acceptances
  • When location is turned off and send location in chat a toast or dialog should appear to inform user and turn the location on
  • Group profile picture change not affecting the pinned tile image
  • Group tile is splatted, but Contacts Pivot is not

Unfortunately, the beta program is completely filled at this point, and BlackBerry won’t be accepting any new users anytime soon. That’s really sad, considering that many people prefer BBM over other messaging apps, and would really like to try the app out.

BBM Beta users are also reporting quite a lot of issues with the app, such as problems sending invites and acceptances while outside of Wi-Fi coverage, improperly rendered emoticons etc.

On the other hand though, it’s a good thing that Blackberry decided to test-beta BBM before releasing it to the general public, so we won’t have to faced such errors when the app finally releases.

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