Get Ready for Civilization Beyond Earth’s Release: Use this HOT 20% Discount

The release date for the upcoming Civilization Beyond Earth game is already known – the game comes on October 24 for PC, Mac and Linux users.

When it launches in October, Civilization: Beyond Earth will carry a $49.99 price. But if you want to save some bucks, make sure you use this limited time pre-order offer at Dealzon.

Thus, you can make use of a nice 20% discount on Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth. Instead of the regular price of $49.99, by using the coupon code from the above mentioned website, you will take an additional $10 off, dropping the price to $40.

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Hurry up, as the coupon will be ending soon later this Friday. Co-lead designer of the game, David McDonough said the following of the upcoming release:

“The bones of the experience are very much recognisably Civ. The idea of the cities, city-base progression, leaders, the passage of time, tile-based, turn-based, building improvements, technologies. A lot of them are very familiar themes to the Civ player.”

Firaxis recently posted an important update of the upcoming grand turn-based strategy game Civilization: Beyond Earth, revealing some details of the game’s newly revealed factions—Franco-Iberia who are lead by the enigmatic Élodie. Here are more details:

“I do not subscribe to the notion that all ideas are worthy of preservation. Some are reprehensible, and through diligent study you may detect the shadow of these ideas before they reform within the zeitgeist, and choose a different path for yourself before they infect minds again. ”

“Some are banal, and have been culled because the ideas within them, although perhaps worthy, were expressed with considerable crudity. Some are preserved as historical curiosities, fashionable nonsense which you may examine and mock for their shortcomings. I have labelled these latter ones as such, lest there be confusion on the point. You will no doubt replicate much of old Earth’s folly in your own time; I will not enshrine this folly lest it be mistaken for wisdom.”

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