‘Disney Collector’ Gets More than 2.5 BILLION VIEWS on Youtube, Nears 2 Million Subscribers

A few days ago, we have been talking about Youtube star PewDiePie and how many he has managed to make through his online videos. Today, we talk about another Youtube star with a different profile

If you allow your little ones to go on Youtube, then chances are you know by now who Disney Collector is and what kind of videos it puts up on Youtube. A recent article on BuzzFeed discusses about its performance and shares more details.

At the time of writing this, Disney Collector had 1,749,723 subscribers and a total number of 2,507,784,102 views, having joined Youtube on Apr 13, 2011. However, despite having such a huge reach, currently it’s yet unknown who exactly is behind this Youtube account. BuzzFeed shares more details:

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“To 3-year-olds, she is an obsession. To their parents, a mystifying annoyance. To YouTube marketers, an elusive moneymaker no one’s been able to tap for profit. To the rest of us, DisneyCollectorBR is a faceless YouTube channel giant that is consistently among the site’s top most viewed per month. In April, the channel was the third-most viewed worldwide, coming in right behind Katy Perry. During the week of July 4, the DisneyCollectorBR channel received more views in the United States — 55 million — than any other channel on YouTube.”
disney collector youtube worth
“Despite the channel’s massive, sweeping, and somewhat perplexing popularity, no one — neither the toddlers who watch with near-religious fervor and their parents, nor executives deeply embedded in the YouTube ecosystem and its economics — seem to have much of a clue who’s behind it. In an earlier, more anonymous internet era, popularity and anonymity were more commonly paired. But today, where marketers have wrangled nearly every viral hit and YouTube stars’ faces are on billboards in Times Square, staying anonymous amid billions of views is not only unusual, but damn near impossible to pull off.”

The publication then shares some details to what it believes is the potential identity of the account:

“So, who the hell is Disney Collector? Best guess: a 43-year-old Brazilian woman who lives near DisneyWorld in Florida, whose husband produces a similar and also popular channel called BluCollection. True Disney diehards who’d like to be left alone while raking in a fortune, so it would seem.”

“The small crop of fascinated bloggers, parents, and YouTube marketers seem to agree on a few leads. First, that the “BR” in DisneyCollectorBR stands for Brazil, which is supported by some videos she does in Portuguese. Second, that BluCollection, which also reviews toys — with a slight bent to those marketed to boys, though both channels are gender neutral — is produced under the same roof. ”

“The two channels list each other as vaguely affiliated on fanpages, and as related channels on YouTube, to support that assertion. The channel also uses a similarly faceless format for its videos. DisneyCollectorBR, with its nail art and enthusiasm, seems to get a little more attention, but BluCollection, with a total of 1.7 billion views, is also almost perplexingly massive. If they are in fact a couple, they’re the Beyoncé and Jay Z of YouTube. If no one had any idea who Beyoncé and Jay Z were.”

What about you – have you ever watched a Disney Collector video on YouTube?

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