BMW Recalls 1.6 MILLION Cars of its Famous 3 Series

Whenever we hear of a mammoth company hit by crisis, we do a double take on it making sure whether the news is true or not. Consequently, when we hear the name BMW, we imagine the beautiful and radiant cars gracing the streets, but rarely does it conjure thoughts that even giants like BMW have their bad moments.

The German car-maker, BMW, has recalled 1.6 million of its famous 3 series cars that were built between 2000 and 2006 due to the faulty airbags in those cars. Out of 1.6 million, 574,000 cars have been recalled from U.S alone.

The company feels that due to faulty airbags, passenger security is compromised making passengers prone to accidents that could lead to unwarranted consequences, such as lawsuits. As a result, BMW has stated that it shall replace the airbags in all the recalled vehicles and has notified the car owners by mail.

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According to industry insiders, the flaw lies in the passenger’s protection system inflation system which usually occurs in more humid places like Florida and Puerto Rico; the humidity causes the canister in the inflation system to explode spraying out metal shards in the car.

The premium German car-maker has said that no accidents have occurred in its vehicles but due to a massive vehicle recall by other famous car companies such as Honda, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler and Mazda due to the same problem of faulty air-bags has pressed BMW to scrutinize its vehicles as well. All the car-makers mentioned above have their air-bags made from a Japanese firm, Takata Corp.

As a result, 7.9 million vehicles have been recalled in the world over by the car-making giants mentioned above. This problem has had a rippling effect of variable intensities. First, Takata Corp is having a nightmare, as I believe it will have to either replace the air-bags or pay a hefty sum to all those who buy air-bags from it.

Secondly, the bad impression such a problem has cast on BMW and other car-makers will not be washed away for years to come. However, the bright side of the problem is that car owners will know that BMW and other car-makers will not abandon them in times of crisis.

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