Blackberry 10.3 Release: What New Features to Expect

The state of Blackberry has been like that of a forest fire. It has taken shape of a conflagration that every now and then is doused to some extent.

The next source of hopeful revival of Blackberry is the Blackberry 10.3 OS update which has promised new features in the Blackberry OS. The Blackberry 10.3 update is going to be a complete design overhaul to act in tandem with the coming Blackberry device called the Blackberry Passport.

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Blackberry 10.3 is going to be released in September 2014 on Blackberry Passport; on other Blackberry devices it shall come by the end of 2014. The new features are the following:

What’s new in BlackBerry 10.3

Blackberry Assistant

1.The most exciting feature of the Blackberry 10.3 is the Blackberry Assistant. The Blackberry Assistant is a virtual assistant just like Siri that will let users use voice commands to operate their phones. Moreover, it could be connected to vehicles via Bluetooth so that devices owners can use their phones while driving without having to take their focus off the car.

New User Interface

2.The Blackberry 10.3 will also feature a new User Interface with new icons for apps and a new home screen.

Blackberry Hub

3. Blackberry Hub, which is used to keep track of emails, social network notifications and texts will also be changed for the better. The revamped version will allow users to download all their emails and access them offline. Moreover, users will be able to save sent messages in different folders.

Blackberry Calendar

4. Another useful feature being introduced in Blackberry 10.3 is Blackberry calendar. With Blackberry calendar, users will get a weekly view, set reminders for future tasks on future dates and the notification manager will also prevent devices from going off in accordance with the tasks and dates set in Blackberry calendar app.

While one can speculate whether Blackberry will be able to revive itself, regain its former position and cement its share in the smartphone market, what we can say for sure is that many hardcore Blackberry aficionados who moved to other devices due to lack of improvement and innovation in Blackberry are going to return to their former lover.

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One thought on “Blackberry 10.3 Release: What New Features to Expect”

  1. I just downloaded 10.3 on my Z30. I’m liking the redesign, and it’s looking more productive. It’s a shame that so many companies probably can’t let go of their precious iPhones and switch back to a real productive smartphone, the BlackBerry. Truly businesses are missing out on an excellent OS.

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