iOS 9: Five CRAZY Patents that Could Turn into Reality

Ever since the advent of smartphones, rumors about tech giants have become part of the air that we breathe; rumors have become so powerful that they are now an existing part, however meager, of the lives of our gadgets.

For instance, rumors about the future software updates of Android and iOS have the power to stimulate our emotions and cause change in our lives as we wait impatiently to get our hands on them.

In fact, rumors are the channel through which we get an insight into the industry, and the best way to get credible insight is by following the filing of patents by tech firms. In light of the hullabaloo surrounding patents, we are going to speculate the possible features that might be introduced in iOS 9 or which direction Apple is moving in by specifying the patents recently filed by Apple.

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Sidewall displays

This patent sounds absolutely other-worldly; as if the large screens extending from top to bottom of the device weren’t enough, Apple filed a patent for sidewall displays. In May 2014, Apple was granted a patent for “Electronic devices with sidewall displays,” which means that future iPhone and iPads might have sidewall displays.

At first, sidewall displays sounds utterly and overly ugly, but after some afterthought, one realizes that sidewall displays could be quite useful, for instance, notifications, time, Bluetooth notifications, app icons, etc can be displayed on sidewalls.

The patent suggests that the sidewalls could be extensions of the front-screens. Moreover, the buttons that we have on the sides such as those for configuring music and other functions can be replaced by buttons.

Accident-free buttons

The name is somewhat ambiguous and eerie, but believe me the feature is quite useful and prevents something that we all can relate to. The patent is titled “Configurable buttons for Electronic devices” which delineates a touch-sensitive button that prevents accidental inputs.

I know we can all relate to a situation in which we had calls dialed and texts sent accidentally to people. The patent indicates a touch-sensitive button that can distinguish between human touch and that of an object in our pockets or bag quite effectively. This ability is vaguely featured in iPhone 5S, but “vaguely.”

Attack detection capability

Yes, you heard that right. Apple devices detecting attacks is like a gadget from some army or police academy.

In March 2014, Apple was granted a patent called “Mobile emergency attack and failsafe detection” that describes an emergency system that is able to detect whether the Apple device owner is in an emergency situation like a car accident or an attack. It will be able to place calls to the police, closest friend, relatives and ambulance and direct them to the user’s location via GPS.

Enhanced touch accuracy

This one is similar to accident-free buttons in that it increases the touch accuracy and prevents accidental input by touch while moving. The patent elaborates a “variable device graphical user interface” that adjusts in accordance with the motion with the help of sensors that detect and differentiate different types of motions, such as walking, running and jogging.

3-D photographs

This one is the coolest, I believe. The name is self-explanatory as well. One patent granted to Apple suggests that in the near future, Apple devices will be able to capture 3-D photos.

There are literally thousands of patents granted to Apple and very few materialize, but they are a useful telescope for providing the scope that defines Apple’s future endeavors.

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