Apple’s Stock NEXT TARGET: 100$ per Share

Many investors interested in Apple’s (AAPL) stock are very nervous to see if the company’s stock can finally go over $100. The $100 price would be nearly an all-time high for the stock. The stock’s all-time record high was a split-adjusted $100.70 on September 21, 2012.

Apple’s earning report from today will bring many changes compared to Apple’s last reported earnings at the end of April. Shares of the iPhone maker were initially up on Wednesday, mainly because of a partnership with International Business Machines.

But in the end, the $100 barrier remains unbroken. Shares of Apple are currently at around $94.78. But that still leaves the stock extremely close to $100 a share.

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About a year ago, Apple shares surpassed Standard & Poor 500 gain of 7.2%, surging 19.3%. This year, investors are expecting some new products from Apple, and they expect them to be popular.

New products are a must for Apple, mainly because of sales of tablet slowly declining with the iPad being available for a long time, already. When it comes to smartphones, Apple looks to grow its marketshare by launching the new iPhone with a larger screen. Also, Apple plans to release its new wearable device, probably the iWatch.

Additionally, MarketWatch contributor Jeff Reeves also gave us a few reasons why Apple stock share will rise throughout the year. Reeves noted that the gadget maker is back on the line, and the stock has rushed more than 30% in just three months, dominating its 50 days moving average.

Reeves also states that Apple’s embarking into enterprise could be very profitable for the company. Growing markets, like China or Japan, could be key areas of growth for the company, even if Apple doesn’t expose with the prices for these markets. Other factors that could boost Apple’s stock share price are repurchase plan, increase in dividends and shift of investors.

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