OFFICIAL Destiny Release Date Announced for PS4/PS3, Xbox 360 And Xbox One

Bungie released the beta version of Destiny for selected gamers around the world a few days ago. We now have an experience of what the game is shaping up to become, and it’s pretty much awesome.

A couple of days ago, July 17th to be exact, game developer Bungie kick-started the Destiny beta for PS4 and PS3 gamers worldwide.

The beta launched earlier on the PS lineup compared to Microsoft’s offering due to Playstation’s exclusive deal with publisher Activision. Destiny beta is scheduled to be launched on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on July 23rd.

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Unfortunately, Xbox gamers won’t get to enjoy the beta experience for more than 4 days as PS gamers did, because of the beta coming to an end on July 27th.

The beta will be undergoing maintenance on July 21st (today) and July 22nd. Bungie also released two special maps only for 2 hours on the weekend, which gamers experienced as a beta addition.

Another sad news for Xbox gamers: The game will run in 720p on the Xbox One compared to the PS4’s 1080p offering. And while playing in 720p won’t make much difference to the average gamer, it seems to be hurting the Xbox One in terms of sales.


Both PSN and Bungie’s online website went down after the beta launch, most likely due to the large number of gamers hogging the system at once. It wasn’t expected, but unfortunately happened.

This beta seems to be more of a publicity stunt than a beta test for the game, but now that’s what to be expected for such an awaited title.

Activision is reportedly planning a $500 million marketing push, currently the most for any game in history.

Destiny will launch on September 9th for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

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