Quickbooks 2015 Release Date: Latest News and Hearsay to Know

Brace yourselves, Intuit, the company that manufactures the famous accounting software, Quickbooks, is about to release a new version of Quickbooks for Mac, Pro, Premier and Home & Business. Intuit has been pretty silent about the release date but we can quite accurately speculate when Quickbooks 2015 will be released.

Intuit is very likely to release Quickbooks 2015 in the third week of September 2014; this trend of releasing in the third week of 2014 has been a tradition followed by Intuit for the past many years.

This news may be daunting for those who have just recently bought Quickbooks 2014. Despair not, as Intuit is quite generous in redeeming its faithful customers.

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The Quickbooks store has always given its customers a free upgrade to the latest version of Quickbooks. Please note that the customers that are allowed a free upgrade of Quickbooks are those that have bought Quickbooks 7 weeks prior to the new Quickbooks release.

Last year, the 7-week window for free upgrade was from 4 August to 24 September. We do not know when the 7 week window will start this year; it will probably revolve around September.

Moreover, only those who have bought Quickbooks directly from the official Quickbooks store are qualified for the upgrade. However, people who have bought Quickbooks from a store other than the official Quickbooks store are given an unconditional 60 days return policy.

The 2014 version of Quickbooks is quite satisfactory, but there are still some improvements that we wish are introduced to Quickbooks 2015 this year. The changes are the following:

1.  Interface changes: The ability to change colors of books used for different organizations was quite a useful feature that helped in differentiating. The last version of Quickbooks did not have this feature. I believe, Intuit should integrate it back.

2. Tax rate flexibility: The flexibility of setting tax rates according to job and location.

3. Ability to apply a flat discount.

4. Improved searching capability for customers and products.

5. Signature capture.

We hope Intuit does release Quickbooks 2015 that integrates the features mentioned above. What features do you wish Quickbooks 2015 to have?

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