Could we See a Linux Tablet Brought to Life with Ubuntu Touch?

Old flames always burn no matter how many times they have been doused. Same is the situation when Linux aficionados are coerced into using Android, Windows OS or iOS on tablets and other hand-held devices. The situation is further aggravated when Linux lovers do most of the work on tablets and not one Prince Charming-cum-Linux tablet is there to rescue them damsels from the evil dragon-cum-iOS-Windows OS-Android.

Yes, some may argue that Android is molded from Linux Kernel, but the ability to be able to run bash scripts purely in a Linux environment that is not adulterated and polluted with non-Linux features is truly a tech Shangri-La for hardcore Linux lovers.

This helplessness in getting our wish fulfilled for a Linux tablet has many of us desperately digging for a solution that could satiate our thirst for Linux.

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One breath of fresh air we had received in recent times was the news of a tablet called Vivaldi based solely on pure Linux. It was to be a tablet with open source software, with no baggage that concomitantly comes with software made by Microsoft or Google.

However, the breath of fresh air was short-lived, for the project for the production of the Vivaldi tablet has been abandoned due to insurmountable obstacles, one being not enough pre-orders for the mass-production to go ahead.

The team behind the Vivaldi tablets is known as KDE which is an international community that produces Linux-based applications. Regarding Vivaldi, the KDE team has said the following:

There was simply not enough support to make the project work, despite having fully functional, production ready devices and a strong commitment to succeed.”

The fact there will be no pure Linux tablets in the foreseeable future is entirely devastating, and the only ointment to cure the wounds is Ubuntu Touch. Ubuntu Touch is an operating systm just like Android, iOS and Windows OS, and according to Canonical, Ubuntu Touch powered tablets will start shipping in the latter half of 2014.

Although, the running of traditional Linux software is not featured in Ubuntu Touch tablets, I believe at least we’ll be able to get the faint aroma of Linux from Ubuntu Touch tablets.

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2 thoughts on “Could we See a Linux Tablet Brought to Life with Ubuntu Touch?”

  1. I’ve been following Canonical’s development of Ubuntu quite closely too. I am however a bit confused over a couple of things!

    We’re told that Ubuntu is reaching convergence: that the same code is used regardless of the device it’s running on. It’s obvious that touchscreens need a different UI, but the look of Touch (I’m not sure if it’s right to differentiate it any more) is very different from Desktop Ubuntu…

    I saw that Tech Radar had ported Ubuntu onto an X86 architecture tablet and the photo seems to show Ubuntu Desktop – notably it’s got a terminal, and Firefox app (which doesn’t yet seem to be appearing for ‘touch’). So does porting Ubuntu onto X86 always give the ‘Desktop’ iteration? (I’d be happy with that! 🙂 )

    I’m a huge fan of what Canonical are doing and, like you, I really want to see Linux proper, prosper on tablets.

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