BRAND NEW Nike Football/Soccer App Released for iPhone, iPad, Android Users

The 2014 Brazil World Cup has come to an end a few days ago and Nike has decided that this is the right moment to come up with a brand new football (soccer for North Americans) app for iPhone and iPad users.

Nike has launched a brand new app called Nike Football.Soccer that will act as a hub for all things Nike Football. So, if you will access the app from North America, its name will appear as Nike Soccer, if you will access from everywhere else it’ll appear as Nike Soccer.

By downloading it on your iPhone or iPad, you will get exclusive content and Q&A sessions with athletes and information on the latet product launches for the company’s line of football products.

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Nike is also including some social features inside the app that let users organize their own pick-up games, trash talk among friends and teammates and other features. Here are some more from its official description:

“The Nike Football app features custom football emojis within its chat feature to extend the dressing room camaraderie, and uses geo-tracking technology to allow members to set up matches around the world”

“The app allows players to create their own micro-communities with the “Crew” feature, staying connected to their friends and teammates and making sure they never miss a chance to play. Using the “Play” section, members can set up a time and location for a game or kick-about and track who is in.”

Also, by using the app, you can register for Nike Academy trial events that might earn you a spot at the Nike Academy at the St. George’s Park National Football Centre in the UK. Davide Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer for Nike said the following:

“This is Nike Football in your pocket.  The app will allow members of the Nike Football community to be the first to access the latest product, stories and event experiences. It’ll be the only way to earn a spot in the Nike Academy and earn your way to the highest level of the game, something we’ve seen from players such as Tom Rogic (Australia), Abdul Waris and David Accam (both Ghana),”

Go ahead and follow this official link to download it on your iPhone/iPad and your Android and let us know what you think of it.

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