Nvidia Shield 2 to Feature a Tegra K1 Processor and Run PC Games via GeForce Experience

Here at GigJets we’re big fans of the ucpoming Nvidia Shield 2 or next-gen Nvidia Shield, if you will. Now let’s have a look at the latest information in this field.

Back in the end of June we reported that the upcoming Nvidia Shield 2 was said to be lighter and slimmer, according to a recent FCC filing. After that, it was reported that it was aimed for a July release and the latest intel suggested that it’s actually going to be a gaming tablet and not a handheld console anymore.

Now, acording to a recent report from BBC, the upcoming Shield 2 would be able link up to a PC’s graphics card to supercharge its own processing power when used in a different location.

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The publication notes that Nvidia will offer a budget-priced separate controller for the Android device, which can also stream PC games to a TV via its HDMI-out port. The original Shield hasn’t been quite a success, and Nvidia needs to come up with a better product this time.

Ed Barton, a games industry analyst at the consultancy firm Ovum, said the following

“I think it’s fair to say that Shield sold reasonably poorly. And if the new device requires your PC to have a relatively new Nvidia GPU [graphics processing unit] to make use of its abilities, that will really limit its addressable market.”

Judging by the new information revealed by BBC, the Shield 2 looks to be very similar to the upcoming Steam Machine, which is said to work in the same fashion. So, it looks like Valve is up for some competition in the future.

Nvidia’s Shield 2 is also said to run PC titles via Nvidia’s GeForce Experience system, which does require the PC to be fitted with one of Nvidia’s more powerful graphics cards. Also, it seems that it will most likely use the Tegra K1 processor, which is one of the most powerful mobile graphic cards at the moment.

Nick Parker, a games analyst at Parker Consulting, believes that the Nvidia Shield 2 isn’t capable of becoming more sucessful than the PlayStation Vita currently is.

“Sony’s PlayStation Vita already offers the best core console gaming experience on the move, and take-up of that device has been all right but not great,”

“There are another number of devices that have tried to extend the Android mobile gaming experience, but experience has shown that people above a young age seem happier to play on a standard smartphone or tablet rather than travel with multiple devices.”

“It could be the case that this is some kind of lab test. Nvidia may not be so interested in how many it sells, but rather the feedback it obtains to help it understand Android gaming on other devices and longer-term portable viability.”

What’s your take on this? If these rumors are true, would you be interested in acquiring such a device?

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