iPhone 6S Could Get a Totally HOT and UNIQUE Anti-Theft Feature

There are plenty of rumors and leaks related to the upcoming Apple products and we handpick what we believe to represent some interesting bits.

Apple is said to release 2 new iPhones this year, and we don’t know exactly the naming of these two, but if the tradition will continue then we’re going to see an iPhone carrying the “S” moniker in its name.

According to a recent patent filing that has been discovered by AppleInsider, future iPhones may use behavior recognition and learning tools to protect against theft. The patent has been filed in the middle of January past year and bears the title “Generating notifications based on user behavior”. Here’s how it’s described on the official USPTO website:

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“In some implementations, a method for determining behavior associated with a user device includes receiving behavior data of the user device that includes multiple types of behavior data.

The behavior data is compared with patterns of behavior data associated with the user device. The behavior-data patterns are generated from previously-received behavior data. A notification is generated based on comparing the behavior data to the behavior-data patterns.”

So, this basically means that an upcoming iPhone could make use of behavior recognition techniques in order to determine whether the current user is the device owner or not. So, if it detects that sage patterns don’t match with the owner, then it will issue an alert, notification or another system action will be triggered.

Since the patent was filed last year, maybe Apple had enough time to research it and we might see it in the iPhone 6S, the “smarter” version of the two new iPhones to be unveiled.

However, we’re talking here about a software functionality and at WWDC 2014, we’ve seen pretty much all the new important features that iOS 8 is coming with, so maybe this is a surprise for iOS 9.

Apple has always been interested in protecting the privacy of its users, so this feature isn’t that fantastic, so if it doesn’t make its way into the iPhone 6S, who knows, maybe we’ll see it in the iPhone 7?

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