PES 2015 RELEASE: What we Know and Expect from the Game

It’s that time of the year when we are talking about our expectations from the new PES or FIFA game. In this article I will reveal you some information about the upcoming PES 2015, and I hope that this installment will be better that its predecessor.

Last year, Konami was experimenting with different engines and that turned out to be a failure. PES lost many fans last year, because of those changes, and I was one of them. Also, controls were hard, and animations were too long. Konami will try everything to get those fans back, let’s see if they succeed in that.

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“We forgot why people played PES in many ways,” said Adam Bhatti, Konami’s European brand manager. He then added:

“In PES ‘14 you have to think two seconds before you’re going to do something, because you’re waiting for the animation to play out. And that’s not PES. So we’re going back to basics, to why you played PES in the first place. PES5 and 6 have been earmarked by us – the era where the fans say to us ‘that’s when you guys were the best’. But of course, you can’t hi-res PES5 and 6 and ship it for £50.”

Creators of this year’s PES are trying to make this installment similar to PES 2013, but with improved graphics. It looks like developers will stick with Fox engine, but they now have one year of experience with it, and it should be used better this time.

PES has an interesting marketing campaign this year, it’s called “The Pitch is Ours”, and it symbolizes PES’ domination in gameplay, compared to the competition (Read: FIFA). It is on you to judge truthfulness of this line.

Testers from IGN have recently played the new PES, and it looks like they are more satisfied with this piece than PES 14. They report that shooting, passing, player control and other aspects of the game are significantly improved. Speaking of player control, the new feature called “jinking run” was added. It allows you to slow down your player, if you need to change his direction unexpectedly.

Of course, even if it’s expected to be much better than PES 2014, this game still has some minuses. Goalkeepers are solid, in general, but they could be done better. They’re boxing the ball after free kicks, more often than they catch it, and that could be annoying sometimes.

Another annoying mistake from previous games is still present in PES 2015. If the player is in the front of the ball, when you send a pass to him, there’s a chance that the ball will bounce off player’s heel, and you might lose possession. But if the other features of the game are similar to PES 13, these mistakes could be ignored.

There’s still more than three months until the release, and some more changes could be made. But if Konami keep its promise, and make this game similar to PES 13, they might get their lost fans back.

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