Boardwalk Empire Season 5 to be the LAST One, Release Date Revealed

The phenomenal and mighty creation of Terrence Winter, Boardwalk Empire, has decided the time it will bare farewell to its fans. The TV series set in the prohibition era of the 1900’s wasted no time in captivating the hearts and minds of the people. Boardwalk Empire that stars Hollywood hotshots like Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald and Michael Shannon will air on HBO from 7 September for the fifth and final time.

The story-line will revolve around the Great Depression era in 1931 7 years after the plot of season 4 with 2 years still left in the prohibition from being repealed. The plot of season 5 will still see Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson, Steve Buscemi, being the main man in Atlantic City.

Following the announcement of the end of Boardwalk Empire, fans have been shocked and saddened about the sudden conclusion of the show they were so deeply in love with.

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The announcement of the end of Boardwalk Empire was made by the president of programming at HBO, Michael Lombardo, who briefly said:

It has been an incredible honour to bring this powerful and ground-breaking series to our subscribers. Terry Winter has created one for the ages.”

Although, there was no reason stated explicitly as to why HBO have decided to end Boardwalk Empire so suddenly, ordinary viewers have speculated that the decision may be due to the decline in ratings of season 4.

This decline may somewhat be apparent as Boardwalk Empire failed to fetch prominent awards at the Emmy’s and rated behind Game of Thrones and True Blood in viewership. However, insiders have leaked that Bobby Cannavale, who plays the character of the lunatic gangster Gyp Rosetti, who is of invaluable importance for the Boardwalk Empire series, has decided to leave the show for another series, produced by none other than HBO and Terrence Winter.

This insider news explains as to why both HBO and Terrence Winter so amicably converged to end the show. As for Bobby Cannavale, he is linked to play the lead role in the show.

The primary reason of concern amongst Boardwalk Empire lovers is as to how Terrence Winter plans on bringing so many distinct story-lines and characters in the Boardwalk Empire series to a harmonious end.

We may not know what Boardwalk Empire Season 5 will feature, but what we do know is that it is going to be a record-setting show given the credentials of HBO and Terrence Winter.

Update – the character of Gyp Rosetti died in Season 3.

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