Raspberry Pi B+ Released, Here are its NEW Features

Two years after the Raspberry Pi B release, the Raspberry foundation has released its successor, Raspberry Pi B+. This single-board computer contains more GPIO pins, more USB ports, a microSD slot and improved audio system.

This board is available for the price of $35, same as its predecessor, Raspberry Pi B. You can buy a new board at Raspberry foundations main manufacturing partners: Element 14 and RS Components.

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Raspberry Foundation said on its blog post that this is not a second version Raspberry Pi, but instead, the final product of Raspberry Pi B board. This board includes the same 512MB of RAM and the same Broadcom BCM2835 SoC as the Raspberry B board.

Raspberry Pi B+ now has improved connectivity with other devices, witn two additional USB ports, compared to B model, making it to the total of four ports.

This improvement will make it possible to use USB ports for more than just a mouse and a keyboard. Also, Raspberry Pi B+ includes 40 pins on the GPIO header, making the pin-out map same as the model B for the first 26 pins.

The new model comes with rounded corners and four mounting holes. Raspberry Pi director of hardware, James Adams, said this should make it easier to plug in boards on top of the device.

Standard SD cards from Raspberry Pi B, are replaced with new microSD cards. The system has push-push feel, which means that it should work like microSD and SD cards on other devices.

Another changes are reduced power consumption and improved audio performances, compared to B model. The audio circuit now has its own “low-noise” power supply.

The board has also changed its size, now with dimensions of 85 x 56 x 17mm compared to 85.6 x 53.98 x 17mm of the B model. Which means that customers will have to buy new cases for this devices, because it won’t fit in cases for Raspberry Pi B.

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