Volkswagen XL1 RELEASED, Check out its Price

We’re seeing more awesome cars getting released these days and it’s such a great feeling to see cars that were once concepts getting transformed into real vehicles.

These days, if you want to buy a car that’s fuel efficient or running on electricity, you have to shell out a lot of cash, mainly because there’s a lot of research built into these vehicles.

Volkswagen’s elusive XL1 concept is no longer a concept, but it’s a very exclusive car. But the fact remains that the 235-mpg car is here and it’s said to consume only 1 liter per 100 kilometers.

On the outside, Volkswagen XL1 remains pretty much identical to the concept unveiled at the 2011 Qatar Motor Show, including those cool gullwing doors. Fuel consumption has been improved and is better even than initial plans, as it goes down to an impressive 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers, or 261 U.S. mpg.

Volkswagen XL1 is here, but can you afford it?

The Volkswagen XL1 sports carbon fiber body panels, elegant LED head and taillights, and dramatic gull-wing doors. This is a 1,750-pound car powered by an 800cc diesel engine with just 68 horsepower and 103 pound feet of torque.

The first production batch will consist of just 200 units, with other units being developed on demand. The first car was already delivered to a German buyer in May 2014 and it’s currently available in the UK at £98,515 or $167,736. However, an USA price and release hasn’t been established yet.

Also, it seems that the Volkswagen XL1 does not meet airbag requirements, and the clever cameras that replace the un-aerodynamic side mirrors are also not on par with the US certification standards.

We don’t know whether Volkswagen will make changes to meet the requirements, but most likely the German car maker will wait to see whether the car will prove to be successful.

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