Windows 9 Start Menu Screenshot LEAKED, Take a Look!

Microsoft will reportedly be bringing back the Start Menu sometime in the future. This LEAKED screenshot confirms the fact that Microsoft indeed will be bundling a new, redesigned Start menu with Windows 9.

We have previously reported that Microsoft is rumoured to be bringing back the famous Start menu in a future iteration of Windows, and this new leaked screenshot basically confirms that fact.

Screenshots allegedly showing the new Start menu have leaked on a forum over at MyDigitalLife, showing somewhat a similar menu to what Microsoft showed off publicly back at its Build developer conference in April.

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Another leaked image shows a Windows Metro settings window running inside a window on the desktopThe image suggests that users will have an option to “minimise” the whole Metro experience, which the general public has really despised.


Do note: the watermark on the images read “Windows 8.1 Pro”. The thing is, it’s fairly common for early builds of a major software update to include marks of the previous version. On the other hand, the forum on which the images were posted read that the screenshots came from Build 6.4.9788 of Windows 9.

While these screenshots are of course unofficial, Windows 9 does certainly seem to be on full schedule, with an expected announcement date somewhere in Spring 2015. The Redmond giant might be planning to make all of its products (PCs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles…) migrate towards a single system.

Other rumours indicate that the next version of Windows (codenamed: Threshold) will release in different versions (SKUs), with at least one version oriented towards keyboard-and-mouse use. This is probably the current best shot Microsoft has of making the next version of Windows a success, unlike Windows 8’s failure.

Microsoft’s representatives didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but we’ll sure to let you know if anything new is announced or released.

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