Angry Birds Star Wars 2 now FREE on iPhone, iPad With 30 New Levels

Angry Birds Star Wars 2, the latest movie-themed game in the franchise, has just gone free for iOS. The updated version also includes 30 new levels, so get downloading if you haven’t already.

Angry Birds Start Wars 2, one of the more-known titles in the famous franchise, has just gone free for iOS, from its previous 99 cent price.

The Finnish mobile giant has also rolled out a total of 30 new levels in a new update, 15 for the Bird Side and 15 for the Port Side.

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The title was released last year back in September, and while the game has been running around for quite a while now, its good to know that Rovio is still keep on adding new levels and features via updates to its loyal gamers.

The Angry Birds series has been on a path towards free-to-play for quite a while now, with consumable in-app purchases to buy boosts and other additional content. Today, if you’ll launch the game, a slot machine called “carbonite reward” is available to get a random character.

You can either wait 8 hours to get the item, pay 80 coins as an payment to get it instantly, or watch a video ad to get your additional character immediately.

This isn’t the first Angry Birds game to go free-to-play, with Angry Birds Rio also having done so last year. But with the currency system and focus on consumables, which weren’t really available in previous releases, this is frankly the first actual Angry Birds game to go free.

Still this looks like a major directive shift for a company that once ruled the business of selling millions of copies of a game at 99 cents.

Star Wars fans, you don’t really have any excuse on missing out on this very enjoyable title, so get downloading immediately. Unfortunately, the title is still 99 cents on the Play Store, but we’ll be sure to let you know should anything change.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the title in the comments section below.

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