Clash of Clans Updated for Android Gamers, Here’s What’s New 

Clash of Clans is a hugely popular mobile game for Android owners and one of the reasons why it’s so loved is that it is getting frequently updated with new content and features. Let’s see the latest version.

Supercell’s Clash of Clans has become very popular especially after a series of very inspired TV advertisements, such as the awesome on in the above video. So far, it has been downloaded by almost 100 million users across the world.

Now, it has been updated with some new features aimed at improving the battles. The following new levels have been added – P.E.K.K.A level 5, Jump Spell level 3, Hidden Tesla level 8 and Bomb level 6.

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Also, there have been deployed some “epic” battle rebalancing options, including Hero, Jump Spell and Valkyrie overhauls! Another cool new feature is the live battle spectating in Clan Wars, so you can now watch other battles or have spectators assist at your own.

Besides the above mentioned new features, there’s also a streamlined re-arming and reloading after battles in the Town Hall.

It seems that the latest update has solved other problems than the ones mentioned in the changelog for some users. Here’s what Toby Gibson recently said in her review:

“I like clash of clans. But lately it hasnt been responding to me. No matter how many times I report it it never gets fixed. I have been more than patient. The review will go back to 5 stars when I get a response and this is fixed. UPDATE(7-6-14). Even though I didn’t get a response I still see that they have fixed the problems I mentioned. Much better.”

So, if you’re looking to play a really cool casual mobile game on your Android smartphone or tablet, then go ahead and have a look at Clash of Cans.

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