Surface Pro 3 Battery, WiFi Issues Getting Fixed by Microsoft

Microsoft’s flagship tablet PC, the Surface Pro 3, faced various issues when it got announced back in May. Microsoft has now issued fixes for some of them like battery and WiFi, detailed below.

Microsoft recently released various updates for the Surface Pro 3 aimed at fixing issues regarding the tablet’s Wi-Fi connectivity and battery life. These are problems that have been plaguing many users.

At least 3 of the updates released are meant to improve battery life in one way or another. One fix is to reduce power use, the second seeks to achieve an enhanced battery life. Another update for the Bluetooth and network wireless controller looks to reduce power consumption in low-power usages.

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Microsoft also said that the wireless update will improve “some WiFi connection scenarios” users were facing. A lot of Surface 3 owners reported various issues from inability to connect to a Wi-Fi router to slow connection speeds.

Another update regarding the touch cover will improve tracking performance and the appearance and disappearance of the on-screen keyboard. You can find all of the updates on Microsoft’s support page, but keep in mind: the updates will be released in stages.

“When Surface updates are provided via the Windows Update service, they are delivered in stages to Surface customers. As a result, not every Surface will receive the update at the same time, but the update will be delivered to all devices,” Microsoft said.

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The Surface Pro 3 received positive reviews when it was released two months, with various tech publications praising the device’s reduced weight, faster processor and included stylus. It’s also the most powerful of the Surface line up while being the slimmest and lightest.

CNET reported good battery performance lasting about 8 hours in its review. By comparison, the Macbook Air 11-inch, which is considered a direct competitor to the Surface Pro series, lasts about 11+ hours in a single charge.

Microsoft also noted that “we will also issue an update on Wednesday, July 16, to further improve Wi-Fi connection and throughput scenarios.”

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