Destiny Release Date OFFICIAL for PS3/PS4, Xbox One/360: Trailer, Limited Editions, Expansions

Destiny, a much-awaited title will be releasing worldwide later this year. There’s also beta testing for some lucky gamers, about which we’ve got some new important info.

For all of you who were patiently waiting for the Destiny beta to start, you’ll be glad to know that developer Bungie recently revealed that the Destiny Beta on the PS4 and PS3 will launch on July 17th.

For Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, the beta will launch on July 24th. The beta will start at 10 a.m. PDT on both dates, so be sure to set the date and time on your calendar if you’re interested!

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According to Bungie, the beta includes a “diverse sampling of major activities” from the full game and is available to anyone who preorders Destiny. The beta will be offline between July 21-22, and will then resume, finally coming to an end on July 27th at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Developer Activision also revealed Destiny’s special edition releases. There will be three special editions for the title: a downloadable Destiny Digital Guardian Edition for $89.99, a Destiny Limited Edition for $99.99, and a Destiny Ghost Edition for $149.99.

Here are details regarding what each edition will include:

Destiny Limited Edition

  • Limited edition SteelBook Case and Game Disc.
  • Destiny Expansion Pass.
  • Guardian Folio: Arms & Armament Field Guide, Postcards from the Golden Age, Antique Star Chart.
  • Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack: Unique Ghost Casing, Exclusive Player Emblem, Exclusive Player Ship Variant.

Destiny Ghost Edition

  • Everything from the Destiny Limited Edition
  • Ghost replica, featuring motion-activated lights and voice recordings from award-winning actor Peter Dinklage, voice of the Ghost character, the player’s personal companion in the game.
  • Letter of Introduction.
  • Golden Age Relics, which include a Photo, Patch, Sticker, and two Chrome slides of the Traveler.

Destiny Digital Guardian Edition

  • Digital copy of Destiny.
  • Destiny Expansion Pass.
  • Access to the content from the Collector’s Edition Digital Content Pack listed above.

The reason Destiny beta will be releasing a week earlier on the PS franchise is Activision’s deal with Sony back at the PS4 release. Destiny is Bungie’s first title that isn’t Halo, and it’s also the developer’s first multi-platform title.

Activision is reportedly planning a $500 million marketing push, currently the most for any game in history. The title will launch on September 9th for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

And for all you prospective PS4 buyers out there, if you’re a fan of Destiny, Sony will be offering a special $450 Destiny PS4 hardware bundle that includes a copy of the game, and a “glacier white” system.

In the end though, it all depends on how great the game is in the eyes of the gamers.

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